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Here Da Rules

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:arrow: Rules:

MuddCraft has rules designed to maintain standards and fair play.

Table of Contents

1. Inappropriate Content
2. Scamming / Deception for Gain
3. Hacking / Cheating
4. Alternate Accounts
5. Acts Against the Server, and the Owner

1. Posting in Restricted Areas
2. Commenting on Staff Applications
3. Attracting Likes
4. Alternate Forum Accounts

1. Discord Name
2. Recording Conversations
3. Music
4. Regarding Mic Use
5. Voice Changers

PVP Rules
1. PVP Logging
2. Potions
3. Ladder Camping


This section will explain all the rules and regulations that apply to every aspect of the server. Violating any of these rules is NOT allowed anywhere on our server, our forums, or our Discord. The rules stated here are subject to change, and more rules can and will be added should they become necessary. The administration reserves the right to change the rules with or without warning. Ban lengths will be under the discretion of the staff. Fines may occur in the form of money wipes and/or item confiscation depending on the severity of the offense. MuddCraft staff reserves the right to punish a player for any reason we deem appropriate, and rules will be enforced based on the spirit, not the letter of them. Admitting to breaking any of the following rules may result in the corresponding punishment, regardless of if proof of the broken rule is recorded.

By joining the MuddCraft Servers, accessing the MuddCraft Forum, accessing the Discord Server Channels, you agree to abide by these rules and follow staff requests.

1. Inappropriate Content

Content that is deemed inappropriate by a staff member falls under this rule. Violations of this rule include but are not limited to:
Spamming chat or encouraging spam
Any repetitive posting
Random characters, gibberish or nonsense
Encouraging spam for no other purpose than to encourage spam
Excessive arguing
Failing to stop a conversation/topic when requested to by a staff member
Intentionally avoiding the caps filter
Using global chat (/g, /shout) for the purposes of sales, trade, and advertisements is prohibited and should be limited to the /tr chat (/tr)
Using trade chat (/tr, /trade) for the purposes of conversation is prohibited and should be limited to other channels intended for conversation
Language/Offensive Topics
Any commonly deemed vulgar words are prohibited
Any commonly deemed hate content is prohibited
Any commonly deemed drug related content is prohibited
Any other deemed inappropriate, offensive topics is prohibited
Inappropriate/Offensive skins
Any repeated or extreme negative action towards a player without their consent may be considered harassment.
Any repeated or extreme attempts to get an innocent player in trouble, or repeated or extreme attempts to damage their reputation may be considered slander
Inappropriate content can occur through any means. IE: Any form of communication, signs, books, buildings, etc.

2. Scamming/Deception for gain ​
Any attempt to deceive another player for gain (usually monetary, or for items) with promise of a service, or money and failing to follow through with the deal made.
Failing to pay on a lost bet constitutes as scamming
Any attempt to deceive a player through chest-shops, including the use of hidden chest-shop signs (usually backwards). The use of hexidecimal values is also prohibited. Also included is the use of decimals in attempt to disguise the price, this will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
Using a Alternate account to gain advantage over another person is prohibitted. Whether this is paying your alt, completing parkour, quests, voting and giving a main the money, plus many more is completely prohibited and will result in a perm ban and wipe.
Taking advantage of other people’s shops. Example: making copies of books or other items to replicate an item to sell in a chest shop, making someone broke because of their mistake (spelling, integer amount, etc.). Other people’s “mistakes” will be defined by a staff member if needed.
Rank scamming is strictly forbidden, and if caught will result in a Permanent Ban

Sending a player a /tpa, or accepting their tpa to you, then killing them is prohibited
Using a false pretense in order to get a player to a spot in order to kill him
Using any kind of deception in order to kill a player
Using any kind of deception in order to hurt a player or gain from a player is prohibited
Gaining access to an account using deception is prohibited

3. Hacking/Cheating

The use of any hack, modification, glitch, or texture pack to give yourself an unfair advantage falls under this category. Suspicion of use of a hacked client is sufficient enough to ban. The things that violate this rule are, but not limited to:
A modified Minecraft client
Any Full-Bright modification
Any X-Ray related mod/texture pack/glitch
Any form of speed hacks
Any form of PVP hacks
Any form of duplication, or “duping”
Any form of parkour hacks
Using any glitch that gives you an unfair advantage, or being warped somewhere that requires you to use a glitch
Altering the Gamma of your client to simulate the effects of a full-bright modification (Donors with a full-bright perk are an exception to this rule)
Macros, autoclickers, or devices set up to simulate either autoclicker or macro
Possession of illegitimate items
AFK machines are not allowed. Smelters and potion machines are acceptable, but any AFK machines that yield and advantage over other players for doing nothing is not allowed
Scripts, or bots, or other externally semi-automated or automated functioning
Mods that are allowed on the server:
PotionstatusHUD (Or any potion status mod that doesn't also have features listed above)
ArmorstatusHUD (Or any armor status mod that doesn't also have features listed above)
Minimaps that do not show the location of other players, chests, or entities (if it's togglable, it's still not allowed)
Coordinate display mods (So long as it doesn't have features listed above)
If you are unsure about a certain modification, ask a staff member before proceeding. Investigating acceptable mods is an ongoing process. Disclosing any information to another player about how to hack/cheat is also considered illegal as well as speaking about hacking/duping casually as if it’s acceptable.

4. Alternate Accounts

Usage of alternate Minecraft accounts is allowed. However, it must follow the following restrictions:
None of your alternate accounts are banned (Inappropriate names and/or staff impersonation bans do not apply to this rule)
You may not complete Parkour courses on alternate accounts, then pay another account with the reward.
You may not complete Quests or other one-time per-account achievements or features on alternate accounts, then pay the reward to other accounts.
You may not transfer Muddbucks between accounts through any means; including banks, gold blocks, and any other means earned in account based activities.
You may not kill alternate accounts in minigames and PvP arenas to generate Muddbucks. This rule applies to friends who allow you to kill them.

5. Acts Against the Server, and the Owner

Any action or conduct that threatens the server, and/or the owner in any way. It includes but is not limited to:
Impersonating a staff member
Using usernames similar in nature to a staff member's username or a staff member's rank
Threats to the server or staff
Lagging/Crashing the server with items
Charging back a donation
Advertising any other Minecraft server (An IP does not have to be included)
This rule does not prohibit people from expressing this displeasure, but tries to outline the manner in which a player should do so. This means, if you are unhappy with something, you’re welcome to post on the forums, or anywhere else detailing why you are unhappy with a certain aspect in a respectful way. However, some players are not satisfied with this outlet, and begin to become a thorn in the server’s proverbial side. If it is found that the majority of a player's interactions are negative ones against the server, staff, or any player in general, if that player continuously attempts to push the boundaries of the rules for the sake of pushing them, or in general attempts to degrade the enjoyment of the server for others in a continuous manner, this player can and will be considered toxic.
Note: All minigame specific rules will be listed in the minigame lobby.


All the rules stated in the MuddCraft Global Rules still apply to the Forums. Violating any rules stated above or listed below through any means will result in a warning points, initiated through conversation by a staff member. This message is automated and not written by the staff member you received it from. Depending on the number of warning points you have accumulated, a tempban (or permanent ban after accumulating enough points) will occur automatically.

Here are some additional rules that apply to our Forums:

1. Posting in Restricted Areas

Posting unrelated content, or posting if you are not involved in these areas is prohibited:
Ban Appeals
Report a Player
Donation Help
Once a post has been made, if it does not directly involve you and/or you have nothing useful to contribute then posting in either of those areas violate this rule. In the case of ban appeals and report a player, your opinions are not considered useful contributions.

2. Commenting on Staff Applications​

Each person is allowed unlimited posts on an application as long as it is deemed constructive to the application.

3. Attracting Likes​

Attracting likes in the following ways is forbidden:
Buying like with in-game monies, or other payments/services
Exchanging a like for a like with another user
Using alt accounts to generate likes
Asking for likes
Any other method of generating likes not legitimately given by the community in general

4. Alternate Forum Accounts

Using multiple forum accounts or creating false identities on the forums is not allowed. Using alternate forum accounts to avoid a ban is also prohibited.


All rules stated above apply to Discord. Staff do not have to supply proof for any Discord bans. If you need help with adjusting your Discord to follow these rules, contact a staff member.

Here are some additional rules that apply to our Discord Channels:

1. Discord Name​

Your Discord name should be the same as your in-game name. You may add another name but your IGN needs to be included somewhere. If you use a different name for your already created Discord account, you may request a staff member to change your nickname. Your name should not contain anything inappropriate.

2. Recording Conversations

You may not record without the consent of everyone in the channel.

3. Music​

Playing music without the consent of everyone in the channel (unless you are in the music channel) is prohibited.

4. Regarding Mic Use​

You need to have push-to-talk or a low enough mic sensitivity so no one else can hear any noise other than your own voice.

5. Voice Changers​

The use of voice changers on discord is prohibited.

5. Personal PvP Arenas

Personal PvP arenas follow the same rules as those in the lobby. The exceptions are:
Potions deemed acceptable by the arena owner are allowed
Camping is allowed
Logging will not be enforced in personal arenas
Note: any other rules you would like out of your PVP arena must be clearly stated on signs (eg: disallowing /dis, /fix, /heal)


All rules stated within the Global rules also apply to the Skyblock server. Skyblock has additional rules that you must abide by on the Skyblock server.

By joining the MuddCraft Server, accessing the MuddCraft Forum, the MuddCraft Discord Channels, you agree to abide by the rules and follow staff requests.
1. Scamming​

All other types of scamming apply to Skyblock, however in addition to the rules stated within the global rules, it is illegal to join an island with the only intention to grief and/or steal and will be considered scamming.

2. Griefing​

Unless covered by Scamming, the staff will not take an active stance on this. We will not moderate any cases revolving around griefing.

3. Trespassing​

If a user has issued an island ban on you, or has informed you they have issued an island ban on you. It is illegal to return to this island via any means of transportation. Bringing a player to an island they are banned on will also fall under this rule.

4. Kicking Island Members​

When kicking an island member, you must give them a 7 day warning before doing so. If a player has been inactive for more than 14 days, you are welcome to kick them without warning.

5. Regarding New Islands​

The act of beginning new islands with the intention of selling the items then /island restart-ing again is prohibited. As well as beginning a new island, to gather the items and transfer them to another party, and proceed to /island restart. Any measures taken to circumvent the idea of having one island to begin with and/or to work with are prohibited. If for any reason you need to leave an island, your achievements will be reset. Abusing this mechanic is also prohibited.

PVP Rules

All rules stated within the Global rules also apply to the Arena. The Arena has additional rules that you must abide by in the Arena. These rules also apply to KitPVP.

By joining the MuddCraft Server, accessing the MuddCraft Forum, accessing the MuddCraft Discord Channels, you agree to abide by these rules and follow staff requests.

1. PVP Logging​

Disconnecting from MuddCraft in the middle of combat by closing the window, or any other means of purposeful disconnection is not allowed in PVP combat except in the wild worlds (wild, nethers, end). Any act of instant teleportation, while in combat, may also be considered logging. The dungeon is included in this rule.

2. Potions​

The use of an Invisibility, Poison, or Strength II potions in any form (including tipped arrows, lingering potions, splash potions, and normal potions) is illegal in the Arena (KitPVP is an exception only if it is a part of your kit or purchased otherwise). Any other potions are legal.

3.Ladder Camping​

Standing around a ladder to kill anyone as soon as another player enters or exits is illegal


If you feel you have been wrongly banned, feel free to file a ban appeal where a staff member other than the one who banned you will review the case.

If you see anyone committing any violation of any rule, please take necessary screenshots and post under Report a Player or file a /modreq in game.

If you are banned, you may not use any alternate account to get around a ban. Forum ban appeals can be appealed using the form.

MuddCraft Staff reserves the right to use good judgement for punishments and ban lengths, along with combined infractions. Lying to a staff member will also result in a harsher punishment.

This rules list cannot possibly hope to cover all instances of behavior that is detrimental to the servers or community, thus the MuddCraft Staff reserves the right to warn, kick, or ban players deemed to be detrimental as well as the right to form new rules when needed. Admins also reserve the right to reset player data as needed. ​